What Americans Need to Know ?

U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez (right) questions Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. At left is Sen. Bob Corker.

    As we watched the hearings on the Benghazi attacks we observed  Republican Senators each clamoring for a chance to try to “show up” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton we see that aura of hypocrisy has yet reared its ugly head in politics. We see Senator Rand Paul state that he would have “relieved her (Clinton) of her post". Senator Ron Johnson spent most of his 5 minutes asking if Clinton could if she could have ascertained if the attack was because of You Tube video or a terrorist attack. I agree with Secretary Clinton whose agitation at the question was not hidden and stated “We had four dead Americans, Was it because of protest or was it because guys out for a walk who decided to kill some Americans? What difference does it make? The Conservative Mafia (Fox News, Rush Limbaugh etc) were upset at her choice of words as they have stated that they were only trying to get to the “Truth” about what happened. They state it is important that the American people know why four Americans were killed and what the government knew about it. I agree with some of that.


    While there are questions that need answers relating to the attack, why stop there? I'm sure those same American people would love answers on how the “intelligence community” got it completely wrong on Iraq having weapons of mass destruction. That faulty or blatantly wrong information has led to 4 plus 3,996 Americans dying. Condi Rice, Colin Powell as well as  Vice President Chaney stated that it was “known” that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. When they along with the world found out that it was not true I do not recall any Republicans or the Conservative Mafia asking for hearings or firings. In fact when the Democrats wanted to start the process of doing that the Republicans stated that it was “playing politics”.


  The fact is that Republicans as well as Democrats seem to have short term memory losses when it comes to these matters. The Republicans however in this instance should be wary with throwing around to many “The American people need to know”  as there are a great many of matters that the American people need to know about and some of those will not end well for the Republicans