As Election Day draws near I am struck about the fact that we have an incumbent President who since the very first day he took office has had to battle with racists, obstructionist and any other “ist”you can think of.Most of all the negativity is coming solely from the Republican Party,Fox News and conservative commentators. I in no way think that all Republicans are racist.But ask yourself a question ,what party does the racists element in this country belong too? Sure there are Republicans that say they dislike the President but not on a personal level, just a policy one. To those I offer this exercise, close your eyes and imagine with me.

 Imagine there was a Presidential candidate that stated that he would create 12 million jobs, cut the taxes for the middle class and preserve Medicare

 Imagine the same candidate not giving any specifics on how he would do so.

 Imagine a mega wealthy Presidential candidate who only released 1 full year and a partial year of his tax returns.

 Imagine the same candidate with accounts in Swiss banks as well as in the Cayman Islands state “I have given you people all that I am required to and I will not provide any more”

 Imagine a Presidential candidate who when staring at a collapse of the auto industry penned an editorial column with the heading “Let Detroit go bankrupt”

 Imagine a Presidential candidate who while running for his party’s nomination state that he was “severely conservative” and that he supports overturning  “Roe Vs. Wade”

 Imagine the same candidate in the first Presidential debate disavow everything that he has previously stated.

 Imagine a Presidential candidate state that he would handle foreign policy different and stop “apologizing for America”

 Imagine the same candidate in the 3rd presidential  debate agree with everything his opponent has done regarding foreign policy and terrorism and could not offer any instances where he differed with his opponent

I ask those who state that they do not like the President’s policies to explain what policies does the candidate they support offer. I also ask those same people to ask themselves that if the Presidents name was not Barack Obama and his race was not African American would they feel the same way? The answer may be yes for some but I would wager to guess that the needle would shake in a lie detector test.

We know that one Presidential candidate has given specifics and one has not. We know that one candidate said in a closed door meeting with wealthy donors  that “47% of population think they are victims” and that he “will never get them to take personal responsibility”  We know that one candidate is African American and we know that one is Caucasian. We also know that should not matter.  Imagine if it didn’t.