Redskins execute worst-looking fake punt of all time to perfection

+ The Redskins were confident in the third quarter last night: they had a lead, and couldn't imagine ever not having it. Why not break out the cool trick plays, like this one. What's it called? A "fake" punt?

+ Boy, Greg Jennings sure was upset when the Vikings called a timeout last night, leading 34-27. Or he was happy. Cards on the table, I didn't watch this particular Redskins-Vikings Thursday Night Football match-up.

+ World Series MVP David Ortiz has become so popular that he almost accidentally became the mayor of Boston. Which is understandable, given the current mayor's awareness levels.

+ Excuse me, has anyone seen Pavel Datsyuk, I'm supposed to be defending hi--oh, there he goes. I... dang it.

+ Andrew Bynum’s unholy return to basketball was encouraging enough to the Cavaliers star headline that he is considering retirement.

+ Elsewhere, other NBA star Dwight Howard is considering the opposite of retirement – making that seamless transition from basketball diva to UFC fighter.

+ Check out George Brett going full-on “pine tar incident” on a guy who he knows has been getting his autograph for years (15 times) and then selling it for sweet, sweet profit.

+ The Phillies should definitely be targeting Jacoby Ellsbury, who has the power of inspiring injured teammates to soldier up and be amazing despite constant pain via text message.

+ Good news for people who hate the Eagles; Aaron Rodgers may not be available this Sunday for the Packers, but Clay Matthews just might be.