Zoo With Roy officially kills the 'Harlem Shake'

Perhaps you've heard of the "Harlem Shake," because until this morning I hadn't - not the new version, anyway.

The dance craze (?), viral video (?), internet meme (?) is following in the footsteps of "Call Me Maybe" lip-dubs and "Gangnam Style" flash mobs by reaching the tipping point so fast that there is no possible way to stop it before it falls off the cliff and winds up in the category of I've-seen-this-a-million-times-and-it-stopped-being-funny-long-ago.

Anyway, our good friend Zoo With Roy has made the "Harlem Shake" video to end them all. All it took was a little MS Paint magic and some Phillies players.

Enjoy, because this will hopefully be the last you'll ever hear of the "Harlem Shake."