Zac Rinaldo betrays Philadelphia with Canadian football tweet

How could you, Zac? (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

Philadelphia is only now recovering from Domonic Brown's betrayal when he revealed that he was a Dallas Cowboys fan, then had the audacity to talk about it on the internet.

On the internet, you guys.

Nevertheless, the news cycle has churned that horrfiying narrative out of view, and now, we can recover from one of our local athletes rooting for another team.

So now let's - wait, what the hell, Zac Rinaldo?!

And who, may I ask, are the Tigercats? The Hamilton Tigercats are a Canadian football team from Hamtilon, Ontario. They've won the Grey Cup (Canadian Lombardi Trophy) eight times, with their most recent victory being in 1999. From 1950-62, they finished in first place in the East division, appearing in 10 Grey Cup games.

And apparently Rinaldo likes them better than the Eagles? A team from Canada?! Does he not remember Joe Carter?!? And "Steel Town" sounds an awful lot like "Pittsburgh," even though it isn't!

C'mon, everybody! Let's make a big, stupid deal out of this!