California Chrome 'unfazed' by terrified possum

- California Chrome had some company on the track this morning, in the form of one of nature's more horrifying rodents. "Unfazed," Chrome's rider described him. 

- Johnny Manziel is being sued for sexual harassment. 

- Even the announcers couldn't keep it together when Switzerland missed an empty-netter at the Hockey Worlds.

- "#sorrynotsorry," replied Mark Cuban about his remarks on bigotry.

- Surprise, surprise, somebody within the Giants organization is whining - this time about Troy Tulowitzki and how high his sustained numbers are. Gotta be stealing signs, right? Gotta be.

- The Indians are, decades later, still milking that Major League license for all its worth.

- This Yu Darvish pitch is moving a 55 m.p.h. and Torii Hunter just can't handle it.

- Jose Fernandez may be the first MLB player to have the sympathies of literally everyone.

- Who wore it better - Dr. J or Dwayne Wade? This is a rhetorical question. 

- Daniel Cormier is on a diet prior to his UFC bout with personal hero Dan Henderson. The problem is, Henderson knows it.

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