Your MLB GM Meetings updates

Blue Jays outfielder Jose Bautista (left) and Phillies outfielder Domonic Brown (right). (AP Photos)

Baseball's general managers are foolin' about in beautiful central Florida, offering trades, giggling as they hand them to each other, and squashing rumors that wind up being true.


November 13

- Jon Heyman of CBS Sports first confirmed that the Phillies signed 38-year-old journeyman pitcher Shawn Camp, who most recently played with the Chicago Cubs.

- Earlier in the day, Heyman reported that the Blue Jays and Phillies are "not even close" to executing a Jose Bautista/Domonic Brown trade.

November 12

- According to Fox29's and 94WIP's Howard Eskin, Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. is "deep in serious talks" with the Toronto Blue Jays to acquire outfielder Jose Bautista. Eskin suggests the Phils would deal outfielder Domonic Brown to make it happen.

- In the wake of a probable Marlon Byrd signing, and saying the Phillies could pursue other outfielders in free agency, some have seen John Mayberry as the odd man out. On Mayberry, Amaro says he would "view him as a tender."

- Amaro says there is nothing to report on the Ruiz situation - but the Phillies are still down with bringing him back.  

- If the $20 million deal is legit for Ruiz, the Rockies will not pursue him

- The 2 year, $20 million offer on Ruiz is NOT from his chief, non-Phillies suitor, the Rockies.

- Ken Rosenthal reports that Chooch's agent says there is a $20 million, 2-year offer on the table for the the Phillies' catcher. The team behind the offer is not yet known. Meanwhile, rumored Phillies contingency catching plan A.J. Pierzynski is talking with the Twins, as well.

- Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe has opened up with several news bits this afternoon, one being that the general reaction to the Phillies signing Marlon Byrd among other GMs is confusion and Melky Cabrera comparisons

- Those in the know believe the Phillies aren't done signing outfielders.

- Hope that Marlon Byrd news settled in, because the Phillies, barring a deal with Carlos Ruiz, are hot on the heels of A.J. Pierzynski as a replacement catcher.

- The Phillies signed Marlon Byrd after balking at free agent outfielder Nelson Cruz's asking price, $75 million over 5 years. Cruz was thought to be the Phillies' top target for their outfield needs.

- Byrd, a $700,000 man last season, will now make $16 million over the next two years with the Phillies.

- Ken Rosenthal is saying the Marlon Byrd deal with the Phillies is all but finalized - and it's for 2 years.

- The Phillies apparently want to sign 36-year-old Marlon Byrd, on purpose. Though he is coming off a powerful year with the Mets and Pirates, he is certainly a cheaper outfield option on the market. 

- Ken Rosenthal mentioned a few teams who were high on Bronson Arroyo - the Giants, Twins chiefly - but none of them were the Phillies.

November 11

- Amaro has confirmed - nobody has wanted to be the Phillies pitching coach yet (except Leo Mazzone).

- Amaro said his faith in the catching market lies in "6-7 guys" - an amount that does not fit the number of teams who need a catcher.

- Ruben Amaro has made an appearance, albeit a stinky-eyed one, and is supposed to address reporters.

- Jon Morosi of FOX Sports says the Phillies should hear from catcher Carlos Ruiz "soon."

- Morosi also theorizes that the Phillies could sign John Buck if they are in need of a contingency plan in the wake of a Ruiz departure.

- The Phillies have shown interest in the Reds' starting pitcher Bronson Arroyo, having contacted the 37-year-old Staind fan.

- Scott Boras arrived on his chariot of hellfire, to discuss deals for Jacoby Ellsbury and other clients. The Phillies, hunting for corner outfielders, will likely be involved at least initially.

- Nelson Cruz declined the Rangers' qualifying offer, making him available for a draft pick for teams like the Phillies, who want outfield help.


November 13

- Yankees GM Brian Cashman thinks Robinson Cano "loves the money" and will go to the highest bidder, whether that's the Yankees or not.

- Ervin Santana's agent thinks his client deserves a 5 year/$112 million deal.

- Ike Davis of the Mets has some suitors, I guess, and they are the Astros and Brewers.

- The Rays consider the Rangers, Diamondbacks, and Mariners (who are in on everybody apparently) as the frontrunners to trade for 28-year-old David Price, with the Royals sneaking around in the shadows.

- The Diamondbacks want everybody's favorite jilted Phillies platoon outfielder, Nate Schierholtz, from the Cubs.

November 12

- The Rangers admitted they were not in the running for Matt Garza or Masahiro Tanaka, as they have no desire to spend big money on starting pitchers.

- The Tigers are trying to work something out with Brian Wilson.

- I don't want to blow your minds here, but the Astros don't see themselves making any big trades in the offseason.

- The Yankees aren't screwing around with their interest in Carlos Beltran.

- Latest teams in on Curtis Granderson - Astros, Cubs, Mets, and White Sox. Remember, he wants to go somewhere he can win.

- The Rockies have more players they aren't willing to part with than trade chips - Michael Cuddyer, Troy Tulowitzki, and Carlos Gonzalez aren't going anywhere. Dexter Fowler, on the other hand...

- The Padres' priorities with third baseman Chase Headley are to 1. lock him up, or 2. trade him.

- Scott Kazmir and the Mets will probably not be rejoining each other.

- The Yankees are also toying with a plan for Kelly Johnson, due to their continued questions about their infield (Cano, A-Rod).

- The most recent Carlos Beltran suitor: the Orioles.

- Ex-Phillies minor leaguer Carlos Zambrano's agent is around, working hard.

- The Mets are curious about outfielder Chris Young of the A's.

- Carlos Beltran has a new suitor in the Mariners. The Royals may also be interested, but fear the creeping shadow of the Yankees.

- The Cardinals continue their search for useful players, this time targeting Jed Lowrie of the A's.

- Peter Gammons writes that the Giants are unlikely to be the winners of the Jacoby Ellsbury sweepstakes, as their GM, Brian Sabean, won't fork over the $145 million asking price from Scott Boras, and give up his 14th pick in the draft in the process.

- The A's would like to see Bartolo Colon return to them in a one-year deal.

- Curtis Granderson has confirmed that he wants to play for "a winner."

- The Rockies maintain they do not want to trade Troy Tulowitzki despite rumored interest from St. Louis and they would have to be 'overwhelmed' to move Dexter Fowler.

- The Giants will not be Mauer-ing Buster Posey and moving him from catcher to first, so their interest in Brian McCann appears to be fiction.

- The Yankees are itching for Eric Chavez, as are the Angels, after he posted feel-good numbers with the Diamondbacks in 2013. The Yankees' interest comes from the ambiguity of their current third baseman's tenure.

November 11

- The romance blossoming between the Tigers and close Joe Nathan is a rapid one.

- For a team previously linked to Max Scherzer and David Price, the Nationals are pulling back a bit with their desire to trade with the Cubs for Jeff Samardzija. In even less interesting news, they are also poking around about reliever Boone Logan of the Yankees.

- After much discussion on his decision, Robinson Cano ended debates by rejecting the Yankees' qualifying offer.

- Marlins brass and Jose Fernandez just rolled up in a Jose Fernandez-themed bus.

- Jacoby Ellsbury and Stephen Drew are reportedly prepared to allow the day's 5 p.m. deadline to go by without agreeing to any qualifying offers from the Red Sox.

- In the wake of Joe Mauer's move to first base, the Twins will now hunt for a catcher, and appear to be starting with Jarrod Saltalamacchia and A.J. Pierzynski.

- The Tigers, per Jon Heyman, are specifying they will trade ONE of Scherzer or Porcello. Apparently, GMs aren't buying that they'd actually trade Scherzer.

- Not only is Granderson's rejection of the Yankee's qualifying offer now official, but the Mets have plans to meet with the outfielder.

- The Tigers are willing to talk about trading 21 game winner Max Scherzer or Rick Porcello.

- 24-year-old Japanese phenom Masahiro Tanaka is being pursued by a serious trio of Dodgers, Yankees, and Cubs, and therefore a group of Japanese media are attending the Meetings

- The Mets reached out to Marlon Byrd after the best season of his career.

- Curtis Granderson follows the trend of rejection today, reportedly turning down the Yankees' qualifying offer, according to a "100 percent person."

- Mike Napoli has also hit the market, having declined his qualifying offer from the Red Sox.

- Kendrys Morales is not interested in the Mariners' qualifying offer - $14.1 million for one year.

- Don Mattingly will in fact manage the Dodgers in 2014, despite some initial feelings of not being wanted by the team.

- The Angels and lefty reliever Wade LeBlanc felt good enough about each other to agree to some terms.

- Neil Walker isn't leaving the Pirates, claim the Pirates

- The Mets are also using David Wright as an ambassador for the team not being too bad to play for.

- The Mets are dangling Ike Davis out there, and claim to have "four or five" teams interested in the first baseman who hit .165 in 239 PA before being demoted, rinsed off, promoted, and hitting .286 in the second half. 

- Ervin Santana turns down the Royals' qualifying offer, reportedly.

- Joe Mauer is no longer the Twins' starting catcher. He's their first baseman.

- The Rockies, instead of working on a deal that would send Troy Tulowitzki to the interested Cardinals, are not going to do that, according to their Senior VP.

- Nobody's saying much about Carlos Beltran, despite some hushed interest from the Red Sox camp. He did receive a qualifying offer from the Cardinals.