Will the Chiefs ever lose again?

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe (82) celebrates with teammates after scoring a touchdown during an NFL game against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Sept. 15, 2013 at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, MO. (AP Photo/TUSP, Jay Biggerstaff)

Andy Reid can pretend that decking the Eagles wasn't the most satisfying moment of his career, but we all saw his face. Now, he's looking to ride that high for weeks to come, which he may be able to, given the strategically flimsy nature of the Kansas City's upcoming schedule.

at Tennessee (3-1)

The Titans aren't impenetrable begin with, and now that Jake Locker's been flattened by the Jets' Muhammad Wilkerson, he isn't going to be nearly as effective with a sprained right hip and a sprained knee and standing on the sidelines, watching Ryan Fitzpatrick get the start.

Oakland (1-3)

In week six, the Chiefs play the Raiders, so...

Houston (2-2)

Matt Schaub is losing (has lost?) control in Houston, throwing TD passes in three consecutive weeks to the other team, leading to his key flaw being his "decision-making" process in-game. Things culminated this week in a 23-20 loss to the Seahawks, who came back from a 20-3 deficit to beat Schaub and be the impetus behind at least one fire in the parking lot.

Cleveland (2-2)

Brian Hoyer has made things interesting for the Browns, but nothing that makes them unbeatable by a stifling Chiefs defense, a furious Jamaal Charles, and an effective ball control pass game.

at Bills (2-2)

2-2 is a nice surprise thus far for the Bills, but they play with the inconsistency of youth, which makes sense given the three rookies (EJ Manuel, Robert Woods and Kiko Alonzo) making impact. But they're no impasse for a rolling Chiefs offense. We're still in the part of the season where bad teams can technically have decent records, but like the Browns, the Bills might just need some time.


at Broncos

As two (potentially) 9-0 teams square off against each other, let's all recall Andy Reid's historical record after the bye week...