What they're saying about the Eagles: Week 11

The Inquirer's Bob Ford says the Eagles should stick with Nick Foles at QB. (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)

A roundup of all the things fit to print but not be said at an Eagles game:

From the Philly media

Howard Eskin says Andy Reid is donezo.

Meanwhile, Reid refused to rule Michael Vick out for Sunday’s game but said Vick is resting at home.

Inquirer columnist Bob Ford says the Eagles should stick with Nick Foles.

Brent Celek hopes his teammates understand they are playing for their jobs. Guess he hasn’t noticed that they don’t care.

“I hope it’s personal for guys. I hope they understand that other guys’ jobs are on the line. Their jobs are on the line. My job’s on the line. Everyone’s is. We’ve got to start playing.”

Andy Reid’s bond with owner Jeffrey Lurie will keep him here through the end of the season, writes CSNPhilly.com’s Reuben Frank:

“Reid and Lurie over the years have developed a unique relationship between owner and coach. There is a bond there that a couple bad seasons in a row or a five-game losing streak can’t break. There’s a mutual respect and understanding there that will last long after Reid has coached his last game on the Eagles’ sideline.”

The Daily News’ Les Bowen on the day Andy Reid lost his way:

“For me, Andy Reid became a different guy on Sept. 21, 2010. That was when he made the first of several panic moves, none of which has worked out, panic moves that have transformed a stable, winning franchise into a smoldering ruin in the space of a little more than 2 years.”

Analysis of Foles’ performance against the Cowboys from Eagle 24/7’s Sheil Kapadia, using the all-seeing, all-knowing All-22 camera.

According to Robert Griffin III himself, the Eagles were showing serious interest in the Baylor quarterback before the 2012 draft writes Eagles 24/7’s Tim McManus:

“I met with the Eagles. Coach Reid told me they were very interested in me, that you never know what could happen.”

And Bobby April summing up the Eagles’ fifth straight loss, from The 700 Level.

From the national media

NFL.com’s Greg Rosenthal also says the Eagles are donezo. Where did it go wrong?

Peter King finally explains Monday’s Daily News cover for us.

The Eagles were the most talked about NFL team on SportsCenter last week, according to Deadspin’s “Bristolmetrics”. Vick was the second-most mentioned sports figure.

After the Birds “welcomed” Danny Watkins back to practice and unveiled a reshuffled offensive line, ESPN.com’s Dan Graziano says the guys up front are just as important as Foles.

NFL Network analyst LaDainian Tomlinson believes the Eagles are underutilizing LeSean McCoy. Philadelphia heaved a collective #duuuuuhhhhhhh.

How did the Eagles lose to the dumbest team in football, the Dallas Cowboys? By out-dumbing them, SI.com’s Kerry Byrne writes.

Football Outsiders ranked Foles as the 25th-best quarterback in Week 10. Vick was 15.

From the Redskins

From The Washington Post’s Mark Maske, DeAngelo Hall says the Redskins are not taking Nick Foles lightly:

“This kid is in this league for a reason. He’s waiting for his chance to get out there and play. It just so happens to come against us…. Our coaches coached him in the Senior Bowl. They definitely told us the kid can make every throw. It’s not like we’re going out there against a guy that can’t throw the ball at all.”

Can the Redskins make the playoffs? Rich Tandler says he’ll believe when he sees it.

On the other hand, the Redskins’ remaining schedule, which includes two games against the Eagles, could provide them the opportunity to make a playoff run, Post columnist Jason Reid writes.

Pierre Garcon could play Sunday for the first time since Week 5.

Mike Shanahan had his wallet and passport stolen from the locker room during Washington’s recent game in Pittsburgh. Did anyone check Dan Snyder’s alibi?

Power Rankings

How the Eagles were ranked around the web:

Philly.com - 26

ESPN - 23

Sports Illustrated - 24

Pro Football Talk - 27

CBS Sports - 22

FOX Sports - 22

Yahoo! Sports - 25