Werth takes issue with fan

Jayson Werth took issue with a fan not getting out of the way of a foul ball during the 12th inning of Thursday night's Phillies win over the Reds.

Cincinnati center fielder Drew Stubbs sailed a fly ball to the right field corner. Werth sped over, reached into the stands, but was unable to make the catch as a Phillies fan in a green shirt made the grab.

Werth (see video below) was not pleased and dropped an expletive on the man, who was at the game with a kid.


Who was out of line here - Jayson Werth or the fan?

So the question here is simple: Was Werth out of line? Was the fan out of line? Or neither?

If you watch the video, the fan did not really reach out into the field of play. And it does look like he feels terrible after Werth gave him the business.

The kid looks frightened. But in 10 years, I picture him cracking up with his college buddies and showing them the YouTube clip of the time Jayson Werth cursed out his dad (or whoever the guy was).

Watch the video, and vote in the poll.

And thanks to Tweeter @mingramjr for posting the clip on YouTube.