Welcome Back, Andy Reid

So much has already been written, said and tweeted about Andy Reid's return to the Linc for tonight's game that the big news out of his conference call on Tuesday was he's pretty confident he'll be able to find the visitor's sideline. Oh, and that in Kansas City, they prefer barbecue over cheesesteaks.


I know every reporter outside of Philadelphia probably expects Eagles fans to throw batteries at the coach they couldn't wait to boot out of town (since it's something the media can't seem to let go of).

Despite the malevolent attitude transcribed to Eagles fans over the years, I think most will greet Reid's return with the loudest cheer he's received since beating the Falcons (and Michael Vick) in the 2005 AFC championship game, sending the Eagles to their first Super Bowl in over 20 years. After all, he's still the franchise's most triumphant coach (Chip Kelly just has one win, guys), and a couple of bad years shouldn't erase the tremendous run of success the Eagles enjoyed under his tenure.

I've made no secret that Andy Reid is one of my favorite characters to draw, so in lieu of repeating all the tropes and themes swirling around tonight's game, I thought I'd share a handful of my favorite Reid cartoons from last season.