WWE Summerslam 2013 results: Dolph Ziggler, Kaitlyn defeat AJ Lee, Big Langston

Ziggler and Langston began the match and exchanged in some back and forth. Langston gained the early momentum with an abdominal stretch among other power moves.

Ziggler managed to shake Langston with a big drop kick. Lee tagged herself in, which forced her to go against Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn beat on AJ with some power moves of own. AJ took control with a spinning back kick to the head of Kaitlyn. AJ then backed Kaitlyn into a corner and began to stomp away.

AJ locked on a chin lock, but Kaitlyn fought her way out of it. Before Kaitlyn could get going, AJ stopped her dead in her tracks with a drop kick.

She then hit a neck breaker and took some time to skip around the ring. AJ kept the attack on Kaitlyn until Kaitlyn hit her with a shoulder block.

AJ tagged out to put Langston and Ziggler back in the ring. Ziggler came into the ring quickly and hit Langston with 10 consecutive elbows.

Ziggler’s fun didn’t last long as Langston powered his way into a pin attempt. The pin was broken up by Kaitlyn, which brought AJ into the ring to take out Kaitlyn.

With the two divas on the floor, Langston and Ziggler kept things going on the inside.

Ziggler eventually tried to hit the ropes, but AJ grabbed his ankle. Once AJ let go, Kaitlyn hit her with a spear.

Langston took advantage of Ziggler being distracted with a big clothesline. Langston went for pin, but only got a two-count. Langston then went for the big ending, but Ziggler fought out of it and hit the zig zag.

Ziggler went for the pin and came away with the victory.