WWE Summerslam 2013 results: Dean Ambrose retains United States championship over Rob Van Dam via disqualification

The two began the match sizing each other up before they actually locking up.

Once they locked up, they engaged in some good old-fashioned chain wrestling before Ambrose landed a shoulder block.

Ambrose and Van Dam locked up again until Ambrose locked in an arm lock to Van Dam.

Vam Dam fought his way out of it and landed a shoulder block of his own. He followed that up with a spinning kick.

Ambrose was able to regain the upper hand after backing Van Dam into a corner and landing some punches. Van Dam quickly turned the tables with his patented kicks.

Ambrose thwarted Van Dam’s momentum and slowed the pace once again. Slowing the pace allowed Ambrose to take control of the match.

Van Dam recovered and went for a monkey flip. Ambrose ducked out of the way, but was met by a moonsault from Van Dam. Van Dam then went for a split-legged moonsault, but Ambrose blocked it.

Van Dam managed to gain control and attempted a five-star frog splash, but Ambrose’s partners in The Shield, Seth Rollins and Roman Reins, came to the ring.

Before The Shield could do any damage to Van Dam, Mark Henry and the Big Show came to the ring and evened the odds.

For some reason, WWE cut to a commercial break in the middle of all of this. After that quick commercial break, the match picked up with Ambrose in control.

Ambrose then tossed Van Dam out of the ring where Henry and Big Show made sure The Shield didn’t touch him. Ambrose got out of the ring and tried to suplex Van Dam, but Van Dam reversed it and hit a suplex of his own.

Van Dam then hit his patented guardrail spot and got Ambrose back in the ring. Van Dam then hit a senton and attempted a pin, but only got a two-count.

Ambrose fought off Van Dam again and attempted a pin of his own, but Van Dam kicked out. Ambrose took a page out of Van Dam’s playbook and went to the top rope, but missed the big move.

Van Dam went to the top rope himself to attempt another five-star frog splash, but Rollins distracted him. Van Dam tried to kick Rollins from the top rope, but Rollins moved got out of dodge. Ambrose then rolled up Van Dam for a pin, but Van Dam kicked out again.

Van Dam regained the upper hand and finally hit the five-star frog splash. But before he could go for a cover, Reins speared him, causing a disqualification.