WWE Summerslam 2013 results: Daniel Bryan wins WWE Championship, but loses title to Randy Orton after Triple H hits him with Pedigree

Cena and Bryan began the match with some fantastic chain wrestling.

Bryan then went for the Yes! Lock right away, but Cena rolled out of the ring. He then walked over the ringside doctor and told him his taped elbow is fine.

Cena got back into the ring and engaged in some more great chain wrestling with Bryan.

Bryan landed the first big move of the match with a leg drag. He followed that up by trying to put Cena in the Mexican surfboard.

Cena powered out and ended up knocking Bryan out of the ring.

Cena got outside of the ring and tried to throw Bryan into the steel steps. Bryan reversed it however, and threw Cena into the steel steps left elbow-first.

Cena managed to hit Bryan with a suplex outside of the ring and rolled him back into the ring. Cena went for a pin, but Bryan kicked out.

Cena then began to wear down Bryan with body shots. He then hit Bryan with a power bomb. He went for another pin, but Bryan kicked out again.

Bryan eventually fought his way back into the match with a series of elbows. Cena fired back with a knee to the gut of Bryan.

Bryan quickly responded with a running elbow to the head of Cena. Bryan followed the elbow with his patented kicks.

Cena ducked under Bryan’s last kick and countered into a shoulder block to set up his five-knuckle shuffle.

Bryan countered and tried to put Cena n the Yes! Lock, but Cena powered out and eventually hit the five-knuckle shuffle.

Cena then went for the attitude adjustment, but Bryan fought out of it. He then hit Cena with a drop kick from the top rope and went for cover, but Cena kicked out at two.

Bryan began hitting Cena with a series of vicious kicks, which hurt Cena pretty good. Bryan, like any submission specialist would, began working on Cena’s hurt elbow.

Cena almost put Bryan in the STF, but Bryan countered it and put Cena in the STF.

Cena tried to crawl to the bottom rope, but Bryan dragged him back to the center of the ring and hit a German suplex.

Cena kicked out of the ensuing pin attempt, but was hit with another German suplex. Cena powered out of Bryan’s grip only to be put in the Yes! Lock.

Cena fought his way out of the hold, but Bryan locked in a choke. Although Cena back Bryan into a corner, Bryan kept the hold locked in.

Cena eventually flipped Bryan into the turnbuckle, forcing him to break the hold.

Out of nowhere, Cena hit Bryan with the attitude adjustment, but Bryan kicked out of the ensuing cover.

With Bryan lying on the mat, Cena climbed to the top rope. Bryan thwarted him with a couple of elbows.

Cena kept shoving away Bryan, but Bryan kept coming back with kicks. Bryan climbed up with Cena and hit him with a superplex, but Bryan hung on to the ropes. Bryan climbed to the top turnbuckle and hit Cena with a diving head butt.

Bryan went for the cover, but only got a two-count. Cena quickly rolled out of the ring.

Bryan then went for a suicide dive, but Cena met him with an elbow to the head. Cena climbed to the top rope again and hit a leg drop.

Cena rolled Bryan over for the cover, but only got a near fall. Cena then picked up Bryan and put him on the top rope to try the attitude adjustment from the top.

Bryan hit a series of elbows to fend off Cena. Bryan went for a hurricanrana, but Cena caught him, jumped off the top rope and locked in the STF.

Bryan rolled Cena over to his back, but the champion kept the hold locked in. Bryan then miraculously reversed it into another Yes! Lock.

Cena crawled to the bottom rope, forcing the challenger to break the hold. Bryan then hit Cena with two drop kicks while in the corner.

He went for a third, but Cena exploded out of the corner with a huge clothesline that turned Bryan inside out.

The clothesline was so good even JBL popped for it.

Both men got up at the same time and began exchanging punches. Both men then hit the ropes and simultaneously ran into the each other, putting them both back on the mat.

Once both men got their feet, Cena and Bryan exchanged a number of slaps, which was awesome.

Cena somehow attempted an attitude adjustment, but Bryan countered into a DDT.

Bryan went to the top rope again, but Cena caught him and said “It’s over.” He then tried another attitude adjustment, but Bryan countered into a small package. Cena kicked out at two.

Bryan went for a big kick, but Cena ducked under it. Bryan went for it again and it landed.

Bryan then went to the corner and hit Cena with a vicious high knee. He went for the pin and won the WWE title

After the match, Cena said some words to Triple H and Bryan before leaving.

Cena then left, leaving Bryan in the spotlight to celebrate. Triple H remained in the ring to congratulate Bryan.

Confetti and fireworks were unloaded until Randy Orton came into the arena.

Orton walked in amongst the confetti and fireworks with a look on his face as if he wanted to cash in his Money in the Bank contract.

Orton walked to the ring, but walked away. Orton stopped midway up the ramp. Triple H then hit Bryan with the pedigree allowing Orton to cash in and win the WWE title.