WWE Summerslam 2013 results: Brock Lesnar defeats CM Punk in a no disqualification match

Punk and Lesnar wasted little time going after each other. Punk ran at Lesnar only for Lesnar to pick him and slam him into the corner.

Lesnar gained the early upper hand by showcasing his power. Punk kept fighting back with kicks and knees to the head of Lesnar.

Punk knocked Lesnar out of the ring and followed that up with a suicide dive to the outside.

With Lesnar down, Punk picked up a set of steel steps. While Punk was carrying them over to Lesnar, Lesnar ran right into them and knocked Punk down.

Lesnar kept the action on the outside and picked up Punk. Lesnar tried to drive Punk into the ring post, but Punk countered and shoved him into it istead.

Punk then climbed to the top rope and jumped on Lesnar as he was outside of the ring. Punk followed that up by climbing on top of the announce table. He waited for Lesnar to get up and hit a leaping clothesline.

Punk then turned his attention to Paul Heyman, who fell to the ground trying to get away. Lesnar then came up from behind and leveled Punk.

Lesnar then took Punk and tossed him like a rag doll over the Spanish announce table. Lesnar tossed Punk again over the English announce table.

He followed that up by belly-to-belly suplex to Punk on the outside of the ring. Lesnar finally tossed Punk back inside the ring, but was met by kicks from Punk.

Lesnar put a stop to that flurry with a stiff clothesline and began to methodically wear down Punk. Lesnar wrapped Punk in a bear hug until he fought out of it with elbows right to the top of Lesnar’s head.

Punk hit the ropes to set up another move, but was met by knee to the rib cage from Lesnar. Lesnar then wrapped Punk in another bear hug.

Punk fought his way out once again to gain some momentum. Punk climbed to the top rope and jumped off, but was caught out of mid-air by Lesnar. Lesnar turned that into a fall away slam.

Lesnar then hit a rib breaker and a power slam. He went for multiple pin attempts, but Punk kept kicking out.

Punk pulled out all the stops to gain some momentum as he bit Lesnar on the head. Punk followed the bite with kicks and elbows, which rocked Lesnar.

Punk went back to the top rope and hit Lesnar with a flying knee. He then hit Lesnar with his big knee in the corner.

One wasn’t enough for Punk as he hit the high knee again in the corner. Punk went for the high knee a third time, but was caught by Lesnar who attempted an F-5.

Punk wiggled out of it and hit Lesnar with a kick to the head. Punk went to the top rope again and hit the Macho Man elbow drop.

Punk went for cover, but came away with only a two-count.

He then signaled for the GTS and got Lesnar up on his shoulders, but Lesnar fought out of it and attempted another F-5. Punk fought out of that and hit another big kick to the head of Lesnar.

Punk went for another GTS, but Lesnar countered into the kimura lock. Punk somehow countered that into a triangle choke.

Lesnar picked up Punk and slammed him, but he kept the triangle choke locked in. Lesnar picked up Punk again, but Punk hit Lesnar with a series of elbows into the corner.

Lesnar then grabbed Punk and hit him with a running power bomb. Lesnar went for a cover, but Punk somehow kicked out.

Lesnar picked up Punk and hit him with three consecutive vertical suplexes. He went for pin, but Punk kicked out again.

Lesnar then climbed out of the ring and grabbed a steel chair. Punk climbed to the top rope and jumped off to hit Lesnar, but Lesnar put up the chair in defense, hurting both guys.

Punk was the first man to his feet and grabbed the chair. He began whaling on Lesnar with it.

Once back in the ring, Punk tried to hit Lesnar again, but Lesnar caught it. Lesnar tried to hit Punk with the chair, but was met by low blow.

Punk grabbed the chair once again and climbed to the top rope. He jumped off the top rope and hit Lesnar with the big elbow drop with the chair in hand.

Punk went for a cover, but Lesnar somehow kicked out.

Punk began hitting Lesnar with a chair some more until Heyman grabbed it from his hands. Punk grabbed Heyman, but Lesnar came and hit him from behind.

Lesnar then picked up Punk to hit him with the F-5, but Punk kept hold of Heyman’s tie, preventing him from hitting the move.

Eventually, Lesnar fought away from Heyman, but Punk hit him with the GTS. Punk went for a cover, but Heyman broke it up.

Punk went after Heyman again, but was cut off by Lesnar. Lesnar attempted another F-5, but Punk countered into a DDT.

Punk went for a pin, but only got a two-count. Punk then locked on the anaconda vice. Heyman then came into the ring with chair. Punk stepped on the chair to stop Heyman.

He picked up Heyman and punched him square in the face. Punk then put the anaconda vice on him.

That was until Lesnar hit Punk with a thunderous chair shot. Lesnar continued to abuse Punk with the chair and slowly picked him up.

He then hit Punk with a vicious F-5 on the chair for the win.