WWE Summerslam 2013 results: Alberto Del Rio retains World Heavyweight Championship over Christian via submission

During the pre-match introductions, Del Rio insisted that Lilian Garcia introduce him in Spanish.

The match itself began with Del Rio controlling the pace. Del Rio took some time showboat to the fans, but was met with a big slap from Christian.

Christian then tossed the champion out of the ring. Christian and Del Rio eventually got back into the ring where Del Rio climbed to the rope.

Christian quickly stopped him. Christian then climbed to the top with Del Rio, but Del Rio managed to escape and knock Christian into a precarious position on the top rope.

Del Rio then hit a big kick to the back of the head of Christian, which left him hanging upside down from the turnbuckle. Del Rio took advantage by stomping on Christian.

Del Rio then got out of the ring, grabbed Christian and pushed him into the guard rail with his arm behind his back in an effort to set up the cross arm breaker.

Del Rio rolled Christian back into the ring and attempted a pin, but only got a two-count.

Christian attempted to mount some offense, but was quickly stopped by Del Rio. The champion attempted to hit a Christian with a move while he was on the second rope, but the challenger moved out of the way and sent Del Rio flying to the outside of the ring.

Del Rio had little time to recover has Christian went to the rope and hit a splash onto the champion outside of the ring.

Both men took their time getting back into the ring where Del Rio quickly took over. The champ went back to the top rope, but was countered by Christian on his way down.

Christian went to the top rope when Del Rio attempted to hit his big kick again. Christian ducked under it and hit a cross body, which garnered a two-count.

Del Rio then asked for a timeout and suckered Christian into thinking that he was hurt. Christian managed to attempt the kill switch, but Del Rio pushed him into the corner.

Christian tried to jump to the second rope, but Del Rio caught him with a back stabber in mid-air. Del Rio went for a cover, but Christian somehow kicked out.

Christian rolled up Del Rio out of nowhere and almost came away with a victory. Christian then backed into a corner where he was met by another big kick from Del Rio.

Christian didn’t stay down for long as hit a flying European uppercut. Just as he tried to get the crowd behind him, Del Rio shoved him into the corner and put him on the top rope.

The champion climbed up as well, but Christian countered him and went for a sunset flip into a power bomb. Del Rio fought him off, but didn’t do enough to keep Christian from hitting a hurricanrana from the top rope.

Christian went for a pin, but came inches away from a three-count. Christian then attempted a spear, but Del Rio hit a drop kick right to his face. Del Rio went for another cover, but Christian kicked out.

Del Rio signaled the cross arm breaker, but was turned away by the challenger. The two combatants then exchanged a series counters and reversals, which drew a “This is awesome!” chant from the crowd.

Del Rio then signaled for his big super kick, but Christian reversed it into a pin only for Del Rio to kick out.

Out of nowhere Christian hit the spear, but began to sell his injured shoulder and didn’t immediately go for the pin.

Once he did, Del Rio locked on the cross arm breaker. Christian held on for a while, but he eventually tapped out.