WATCH: Ryan Howard and Jimmy Rollins try to perform Abbott and Costello's famed 'Who's On First' routine

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the debut of one of the great sketch comedy routines of all time: Abbott and Costello's "Who's On First?"

As part of its "Baseball Tonight" show on Sunday, ESPN took "Who's On First?" to a whole new level. Players from across Major League Baseball were invited to try to perform the routine. Among the participats were Phillies stars Ryan Howard (as Abbott) and Jimmy Rollins (as Costelllo). 

Now, I have to disclaim that I've performed this routine myself a few times, usually as Abbott. It can take a while to do it all with a straight face. So I'm pretty impressed with this:

ESPN's compilation wasn't the only attempt in recent times to put a new spin on the old classic.

You might recall that a few months ago, Jimmy Fallon paid tribute to Abbott and Costello on his late-night show by adding some new layers to the traditional script. Fallon brought in Billy Crystal to play first baseman Who and Jerry Seinfeld to play third baseman I Don't Know:

Here's an interview that ESPN did with Fallon and co-writer Steve Higgns about how their sketch came together:

Finally, here's the original routine, in all its black-and-white glory:

Happy Opening Day to all of you. Here's to a great season.