Video: Talkin' 'bout practice, A.I.'s top moments

Allen Iverson is back.

On Monday night, The Answer will suit up at the Wachovia Center against the Denver Nuggets.

The news undoubtedly means you're sitting in your office, classroom, etc., talking about your favorite A.I. moments.

The one that came immediately to mind when intern Brian and I were discussing it this morning was the jumper and step-over Tyronn Lue in the NBA finals. If you're a Sixers fan and that play didn't get you to jump out of your seat and pump your fist, well, you have no soul (too harsh?).

Anyway, we're pulling out a couple of YouTube videos to ring in Iverson's second run.

The first is his Top 10 moments as a Sixer. The Lue step-over is No. 8. But it's hard to argue No. 1, the rebound slam over Marcus Camby.

And of course, we had to include the Practice press conference, which has been viewed over 2.6 million times.

If you've got a YouTube A.I. classic you want to share, include it in the comments below, or just e-mail me the link. We can post these over the next few days.