Video: Legends Football League player gets laid out

Apparently Icebox isn't the only girl that can deliver a hit. So can the scantly-clad women of the Lingerie Legends Football League.

Ashley Salerno of the Los Angeles Temptation, already known for her ability to flatten the opposition, is at it again.

Here's what the LFL wrote on the YouTube video:

If you have a weak stomach or your name is Roger Goodell, DO NOT press PLAY. This hit proves that old-school black-and-blue football is still alive. Los Angeles' 'stud' Ashley Salerno who's WOW clip earlier in the year showed her destroying Chicago's Ali Alberts. This round, a Ronnie Lott-like hit in her role as Safety on Vegas' rookie receiver Kelley Schroeder. Despite Salerno hitting with her shoulder not her helmet, Salerno was flagged following the play under the LFL's 'defenseless receiver rule'.

They get points for taking a shot at Goodell, but the last sentence almost negates it. Defenseless receiver? Is a fine forthcoming? Are they tightening the rules to avoid a lawsuit by players over concussions and related brain damage?

Learn from your predecessors, I guess.

Anyway, here's the hit. If you still think this sport is all about half-naked women running around, you're wrong. It's about extremely athletic, half-naked women beating the crap out of each other.