Iverson's top plays that didn't count

Allen Iverson’s recent retirement has caused a wave of nostalgia amongst fans who grew up watching A.I.’s days of dominance. One of the best ways to relive the glory days of an aging athlete is through YouTube videos.

It is safe to assume that Allen Iverson has gotten his fair share of searches over the past few days, and our own YouTubing here at Philly.com unearthed a gem that illustrates that Iverson’s spectacular shots weren’t limited to on-court action that counted.

Iverson would often continue to play well past the blowing of a whistle, finishing off a play, or just taking advantage of an extra opportunity to get a shot up, as we all know A.I. couldn't get enough of that.

While none of these plays counted in the box score, they make for a great tribute to the recently retired Sixers legend.

Play #1 is especially Iverson-esque, and it shows a little of his attitude, as you could almost imagine him saying 'block this' as he launched the second shot sky high.

Leave it to Iverson to be exciting and entertatining on the court, even when it didn't count.