Vegas gives Sixers their magic number

This season will be all smiles. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

There are plenty of theories about how bad the Sixers are going to be: 10 wins. 20 wins. A sprawling, single-digit nightmare of a season. After introducing the team on Opening Day, everyone's faces melt off like in Raiders of the Lost Ark.

We had yet to officially quantify just how bad the Sixers, a team of NBA fringe players, rookies, and Thaddeus Young, are expected to be. Today, Vegas revealed its magic over/under for Sixers wins in 2013: 0


That's a bad Sixers team, but certainly not the worst ever (Thanks, 1972-73 Sixers!) Of course, this is no guarantee of anything. The Sixers could tank even harder than we thought, or they could band together, really show this league a thing or two about the power of friendship, and finish with 17 wins.


It's gonna be a long 65.5 losses.