Twins writer calls Joe Mauer a 'sissy' for not playing with concussion

With the kind of sentiment that has disappeared thanks to the advent of things like x-rays and vision tests, a Twins writer/radio personality took to Twitter to announce what exactly he thought of All-Star Twins catcher Joe Mauer not playing out the season with concussion symptoms.

As anyone who has ever had a concussion will tell you, there is no pain or disorientation, and it is very easy to do things, like be an elite player at the highest level of organized sports. Especially in games that do not matter, as your team has long been eliminated from the post season.

If there's anything a doctor will do for someone with a concussion (Which is classified as a 'brain injury' with the 'brain' being the 'appendix of the head'), it's laugh in their face and maybe call them a 'sissy.'