Trenton Thunder's bat dog retires

One of the biggest stars on a team of potential New York Yankees is Chase, a golden retriever who's quite possibly the only member of the Trenton Thunder not trying to impress George Steinbrenner. The Thunder is the Yankees' AA farm team, playing in the Eastern League. (AP Photo/Tim Larsen)

In what will be deemed the most tear-jerking moment of the season, the Yankees' double A minor league affiliate, the Trenton Thunder, have retired their bat dog, Chase.

Chase has appeared on national and international TV, and was the first dog to step foot on the field at Yankee Stadium.

Chase's son Derby will take over for him. His grandson, Chief, was in attendance for a ceremony in which the Thunder played a tribute video for Chase's last appearance.

You should be warned that you are about to have something in your eye for a few minutes.