Tom Brady not a fan of Patriots' offense

+ Tom Brady could barely keep it together last night when he realized he was surrounded by receivers with no coordination or even hands.


+ Clay Matthews, after some prodding from the media, finally admitted to being the league maximum of ‘awesome’ yesterday. You know whose not awesome? Those refs from the last Packers game.

+ The Giants weren’t particularly nostalgic to see Brian Wilson trot out in Dodgers colors and stymie their already naturally stymied bats. The Dodgers liked it, though; so much that they are raising ticket prices in 2014, in some cases by as much as $30.

+ Watch Maximiliano Rodriguez make a fool out of his defender, and then the defender handle his embarrassment… poorly.

+ Hey Bryce Harper, why don’t you cool it with the stuff-breaking. This is the Washington Nationals; those bats and helmets have innings limits, too, and you’re not helping.

+ This is just another one of those completely necessary things the internet does sometimes.


+ Thinking up causing some hooliganism at a Seahawks game? Want to show up with your friends and do some rabblerousing? Well TOO BAD. That 49ers fan antagonizing you into shoving him might actually be an undercover cop, ready to slap the cuffs on you for being one of those notoriously aggressive and violent Pacific Northwesterner that this country fears.