Tim Hudson pushed out of start, onto trade block

Tim Hudson is starting to get suspicious about himself. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

Things were looking good for the Phillies tonight, meaning that sweeping sensation of hopelessness hadn't quite blanketed the evening.

They just took a series from the best team in baseball, and returned home to face Tim Hudson, the Braves' elder statesmen who doubles as a guy against whom Ryan Howard has actual, viable numbers.

But the Braves got wise, and plucked Hudson off the mound before anybody could hit anything 400 feet. 

Instead, the Phillies' lineup wiull be squaring off against Paul Maholm, who has historically had far more control over Howard than his rotational counterpart.

So, where was Hudson going that he needed to so abruptly ruin our fun? Well, the Braves say they're just moving him back a day, but Peter Gammons of ESPN thought otherwise.

And you know when Gammons actually tweets with his hands, he means business.

UPDATE: Or does he?!