Two missed field goals? I like those odds

Brian Rolle celebrates along with DeMeco Ryans and Jason Babin after the Giants' second missed field goal on Sept. 30. (Ron Cortes/Staff file photo)

What's a missed field goal really worth? Quite a lot, if you're a bettin' man.

In the wake of Lawrence Tynes' flubbed kick in the waning seconds of Sundays' Eagles-Giants game, the barely victorious Birds have soared to new heights in the sports betting world: the team's odds of winning the Super Bowl are now 20/1 (according to gambling website, an improvement over the 22/1 they were posting before they took the field against New York.

And, in what may speak to the overall fickleness of sports gambling, the Eagles' new odds rank them at number nine in the spread, as opposed to the 12th spot they occupied after their loss to Arizona on Sep. 23.

But what about the Boys in Blue? Can Eli's Crew find solace in its postgame statistics?

Not really, considering they've fallen about as much as the Eagles have risen: the Giants' odds are now 22/1 (as opposed to their Week 4 odds of 18/1), and they've dropped to 11 in the spread from their previous spot at seven.

Granted, it's a little early to be thinking about the Super Bowl, but it's at least encouraging that the Eagles are climbing that ladder, no matter how slowly.

If nothing else, it should distract some fans away from the notion of tearing out Andy Reid's throat for another week.

Oh, and if you'd like to see how the spread plays out in full, organized detail, the fine folks at CBS Sports have you covered.'s Vinny Vella doesn't have the guts, or bank account, to be a betting man. Contact Vinny at 215-854-2225 or