This day in Phillies history, team was still playing

Six years ago, the end was so far away.

On September 30, 2007, one of the most tightly-packed Citizens Bank Park's in history sweated it out as Jamie Moyer took on the Werthless Nationals and Tom Glavine started for the Mets against the Florida Marlins.

With nine innings to make things right, Glavine was trying to salvage a season which had already seen the worst collapse in baseball history. The Mets were sitting pretty, primed for the playoffs with a seven game lead and two weeks left to play. 

But then they started losing, and haven't stopped. The Phillies picked up ground on their staggering division rivals, and harnessed the momentum necessary to catch and, seven years ago today, surpass them.

WARNING: Video below contains Guns. And Roses.