The very best of Scott Hartnell

After the most recent NHL strike, the Flyers invited fans to watch the final practice before the shortened season began. As the team finished up, most skated off the ice, but one Flyer did a lazy circle and looped his way back down the rink, throwing waves and getting the crowd to do coordinated cheers.

Scott Hartnell: A man of the people.

Those people are in Ohio now, where Hartnell was traded this afternoon for R.J. Umberger. There, he will join Sergei Bobrovsky in the land of Flyers castoffs that briefly included Jeff Carter.

But before he starts falling to the ice in Columbus, let us look back on his most vivid milestones in orange and black.

Hartnell caps off Penguins brawl with Hulk Hogan taunt

Hartnell wants to fight the entire Rangers bench

Hartnell tricks Steve Coates into wearing a helmet

Hartnell scores OT game winner over Penguins


Hartnell knocks out Sean Avery

Hartnell pulls off a hat trick in 2008

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Hartnell's 200th point as a Flyer