The most amazing darts finish ever

I admit that my knowledge of the game of darts is limited to playing 301 and 'baseball' rules after tilting back a few at my favorite watering hole so I don't have much insight to provide here. In fact, I have no idea what's actually going on in this video from the PDC World Darts Championship.

All I know for sure is that Michael van Gerwen does something really impressive in this video and the crowd, at a darts championship mind you, goes absolutely insane. 

Apparently van Gerwen throws something called a "nine dart leg", which is apparently equivalent to bowling a perfect 300. And if not for the very last dart thrown there just missing double-12, van Gerwen would have actually done it twice in the very same round. It would have been like bowling a 300, only to turn around and do it again the very next game. Or, put another way, it would have been like a pitcher throwing a no-hitter through nine innings, only to continue throwing eight more innings of no-hit ball in extra innings. 

That's impressive, sure. But I'm more impressed by how berzerk the crowd at a darts championship can get. They even break into the now-obligatory en masse rendition of "Seven Nation Army" Sure, these people are whipped into a frenzy by witnessing a rare feat, but look at some of the spectators! There are people there dressed in costumes and everybody is waving signs like they were at a taping of WWE Smackdown. These people showed up for a darts championship ready to party. 

Best of all is the announcer. This guy sounds like an English version of Gus Johnson all hopped up on Adderall, all while (and this bears repeating) calling a game of darts.