The many Manning faces of Manning's face

- Well, (bottom right) is out, having gone with gleeful Tom Brady instead of solemn, disgusted Peyton Manning face, so that's just wrong.

- FOX Sports has Hopeless Manning (top right) - out of options, almost beyond caring, just reacting with that last bit of caring he has left, though things now seem inevitable.

- ESPN got the movie poster (bottom left), in which disgruntled Peyton is thinking about the future, while pipsqueak Brady lurks behind him, giving a look that would indicate "photo bomb" if he wasn't totally also supposed to be in the picture to start with.

- Of course, CBS Sports (top left) was always going to win, having used the Manning-faciest Manning Face in days. Slumped like a heavily depressed Peanuts character, the world's crushing weight sits merrily on Peyton's shoulders here, smothering any chance at fleeting happiness. Well played, CBS.

- Manning and Brady kept it civil in the epilogue. The photographers were not as mature about things.

- I guess some people were more excited to be there than others.

- In Week 2, the Texans had a merry little win over the Titans, 30-24. That is the last time they won. Vanilla Ice performed at halftime of that game. Therefore, there is only one solution:

- The Packers had their first non-loss without Aaron Rodgers, which is not to say that they had their first win without him, either.

- Diamondbacks reliever Brad Ziegler had some thoughts on formerly suspended Jhonny Peralta's deal with the Cardinals.

- Meanwhile, the other Manning had his own problems.

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