The Ultimate Fighter 19, episode 5 recap: Corey Anderson defeats Josh Clark for Team Edgar's second win

UFC Octagon Girl Kahili Blundell introduces a round during the UFC Fight Night event at Brisbane Entertainment Centre on December 7, 2013 in Brisbane, Australia. (Chris Hyde/Getty Images)

After a stunning finish to episode four, episode five of The Ultimate Fighter began with Team Penn picking up the pieces after receiving its first taste of defeat.

Coach B.J. Penn attributed Tim Williams’ loss to Dhiego Lima to pushing the team too hard during training, which took away Williams’ energy for the fight. Penn said that Williams is the best-conditioned athlete on the team, so when he ran out of gas during the fight he knew that the team needed some rest.

Penn decided to give the team the night off after a light afternoon practice. The team used their free time to celebrate Halloween by carving pumpkins, dressing up silly costumes and eating mountains of candy.

The fighters also handed out candy for trick or treaters, two of which were Frankie Edgar’s kids. For those keeping score at home, Edgar’s kids dressed up as Ninja Turtles. Edgar’s team, however, were not all that impressed with Team Penn’s new regimen.

Edgar decided to give his team a bit of a respite as well, but instead of pigging out on Halloween candy, Edgar took his team for a hike up a mountain. The fighters showed some trepidation in making the trek, but eventually sucked it up and completed it while getting a taste of the great outdoors of Nevada.

The rest eventually ended and the teams got down to work preparing for the next fight between accomplished wrestler Corey Anderson of Team Edgar and brawler Josh Clark of Team Penn.

Clark is from a small town in Kentucky where he won a contest to receive a free gym membership for a year. It was there where began getting into mixed martial arts and boxing.

Clark talked about how he made the choice to focus on MMA because it’s his passion. Clark possesses some boxing skill. As a matter of fact it’s one of his main strengths in the octagon, but he said that his heart was with MMA.

Although he’s dead set on MMA, Clark’s coaches were focused on trying to get him to shake poor habits, which make him inconsistent at times. His inconsistency adversely affects his confidence.

On the other side, Anderson is not short confidence and for good reason. He is a highly decorated collegiate wrestler and fought his way into the house despite only seven months of fighting experience.

Anderson’s love of wrestling made him get a little riled up when Roger Zapata of Team Penn made the sport out to be overly simplistic that doesn’t require a ton of actual skill. Anderson staunchly disagreed with Zapata, as did others.

With that little schism aside, it was time for the weigh-ins. Anderson weighed in at 204 pounds whereas Clark clocked in at 206.

After the weigh-in came the fight where the first round was pretty even between the two combatants. Each fighter played to their strengths — Anderson with his wrestling takedowns and Clark with his striking.

Anderson took advantage of Clark’s porous takedown defense and garnered multiple takedowns during the first round. Clark managed to make it back to his feet and landed a couple of big punches. However, the first round slightly went to Anderson.

The second was all Anderson, as he took down Clark multiple times again, but this time landed significant blows on the ground. Like Williams, Clark seemed to lose a lot of steam between rounds one and two and it eventually cost him the fight as Anderson took him the victory by majority decision.

With its second win in a row under its belt, Team Penn selected another wrestler to represent the squad, as it chose Ian Stevens to go up against Zapata, who was the last overall pick.

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