The Sixers are the NBA's tallest and heaviest team

Wizards guard John Wall (2) is defended by 76ers forward Thaddeus Young (21), center Spencer Hawes (00), and guard Michael Carter-Williams (1). (Alex Brandon/AP)

A quick look around the NBA’s landscape will reveal that the Sixers aren’t the league's best team. They are, however, the biggest.

Not in terms of fan base or popularity, but rather biggest, literally, like size-wise.

The people over at BestTicketsBlog put together a complete 2013 NBA Census that measures statistics from average player age to top 10 NBA player-producing colleges and everything in between.

Sandwiched somewhere inside the census is the average height and weight of each NBA team, and surprisingly enough, the Sixers lead the league in both categories. They have the league’s heaviest and tallest average team.

The Sixers average height is 80.25 inches, or right around 6 feet 8 inches per player, edging out athletic Oklahoma City as the league’s tallest team. Considering the size and length of some of the team’s backcourt and perimeter players, coupled with the frontcourt, this certainly makes sense.

In addition to being the league’s tallest team, the 76ers also weighed in as the heaviest. The Sixers, who have placed an emphasis on conditioning under new head coach Brett Brown, have an average weight of 228 pounds. They nudged past Oklahoma City and Brooklyn to lay claim to the title of NBA's heaviest team.

The heaviest team doesn’t necessarily translate to “fattest” team however, as that distinction belongs to the Bobcats.

In addition to being the biggest, and potentially the baddest (worst) team in the NBA this season, the 2013-14 Sixer squad is also very close to being the youngest team in the league.

Considering the number of unproven second-year players and rookies on the roster, it seems logical that the Sixers would boast the league’s youngest average age. However, that characteristic belongs to the Cleveland Cavaliers, who boast an average age of 23.8 years, which makes them a tenth of a year younger than the Sixers, whose average age is 23.9 years.

In short, the Sixers have a lot of large, young players that, when teamed together, form the league’s biggest bunch. If only size was equivalent to skill, the Sixers would be set.