The Phillies are producing power at a rate reminiscent of the glory days | David Murphy

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Aaron Altherr and the Phillies have been clubbing the ball so far this season.

Remember when the Phillies hit for power and drew walks? Well, happy days are here again. One of the more surprising aspects of this year’s team is the way the lineup is driving the ball consistently. In fact, right now, the Phillies' production is closer to 2007-10 than it is to 2013-16.

Check it out:

1) The Phillies are racking up extra-base hits at a higher rate than all but five other teams: the Brewers, Nationals, Reds, Diamondbacks, and Mets.

2013: 7.1 percent (11th)
2014: 6.5 percent (13th)
2015: 7.3 percent (12th)
2016: 7.1 percent (14th)
2017: 8.7 percent (6th)

The last time they finished in the top half of the National League was 2010, when their 7.8 percent mark ranked sixth. The last time they finished a season with a higher XBH% was 2009, when they led the NL with extra-base hits in 9 percent of their plate appearances.

2) Power is up across the game: NL teams are averaging extra-base hits in 8.2 percent of their plate appearances, a number that has climbed from 7.1 to 7.4 to 7.9 in consecutive years.

3) This year, 38 percent of the Phillies’ hits have gone for extra bases, up five percentage points from last year. Last year, they averaged a home run every 33.8 at bats. This year, they are averaging one every 29.5. Either they are being more patient, or pitchers are being more careful, or, perhaps, they’re facing worse pitchers.

4) Whatever the case, they’ve drawn walks in 9.1 percent of their plate appearances, up from 7.1 percent last year, which ranked last in the National League.

2012: 7.4 percent (13th)
2013: 6.9 percent (14th)
2014: 7.2 percent (10th)
2015: 6.4 percent (14th)
2016: 7.1 percent (15th)
2017: 9.1 percent (6th)

Now, it just needs to show up in the win column.