Texas A&M selling ground Johnny Manziel walked on for $400

Johnny loves that A&M grass! (AP Photo/Beth Hall)

Johnny Manziel is one popular fellow these days. Previously a mere top draft pick selection, he's now one of those guys whose decisions are so important, what he's wearing at a party counts as news.

Naturally, as Texas A&M begins replacing the natural grass on their home field, they will be sellingoff chunks of their tifway-bermuda breed to people who believe that sort of thing contains value, financially or sentimentally.

For a mere $400, you can own some of the blades of grass potentially trampled by Manziel, who as we can see above loved it so dearly, he has attempted to burrow his face into it with the help of a generous defender.

Complete with a  certificate of authenticity from the A&M fields manager - seriously - and including instructions for taking care of the grass, some clumps will be available for $20, though ESPN is not saying how or why