Talking heads can't stop loving Chip Kelly

Seriously, can we just calm down for a minute? I know everyone is excited about what Chip Kelly will bring to the Eagles, but the long, sloppy kiss he's getting from talking heads in and out of town is just unseemly, and is setting everyone up for disappointment.

I'm half-expecting Jaws to show up on ESPN claiming Kelly could be one of the greatest coaches in NFL history. If only he had Colin Kaepernick at QB...

After all, at the time of his hiring, many of the same talking heads that are sending Kelly verbal bon-bons were lambasting the choice back in January and pining over not getting Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley.

I like Chip. He's fun to draw. He likes to run the football, which is a welcome change. But let's not prop him up yet as Philadelphia's greatest head coach. Chances are, he's going to lose a lot of games this season, and despite what Ed Rendell thinks, Michael Vick isn't going to be taking this team to the Super Bowl.

I'm not saying you can't love the guy. I'm just suggesting you wait until he coaches his first NFL game before you do. Personally, I'd rather live with someone for a while before deciding we should get hitched.