Super Bowl XLVIII: Eli Manning can only watch as Peyton blows it

Eli Manning has two Super Bowl rings, so he can afford an awful 2013-14 season or two. It's still twice the amount of his brother.

The pressure is on tonight, as Peyton goes for #2 with the Broncos as a 37-year-old. As it's been widely noted, it's not going great. A 22-0 losing effort heading into the second half is not enough to inspire confidence.

Eli, on the other hand, is feeling quite at home as he stands in the Giants' home stadium, feeling a familiar tightness in his guts, and most likely a gratefulness that it's not him down there, filling in the gaps between pickoffs with almost pickoffs.

The last team to be shut out at halftime in the Super Bowl? Why... the Giants.