Stay or Go: Fans split on Rollins' future

Will Jimmy Rollins be back with the Phillies next season? (David Maialetti/Staff file photo)

Mid-October. These were supposed to be the glory days for Philadelphia fans. Instead, fans across the region have been left with a sour taste in their mouths, one that can only be wiped clean by the promise of spring training.

With nearly five months - five winter months - until pitchers and catchers report, there is plenty of time to vent the frustration felt by the early postseason exit of a team with the highest of expectations, the 2011 Phillies.

At the end of each season, we at conduct an informal survey asking readers which players they would like to see back the following season. While some answers won't surprise you, there are always a few that stick out.

While voting is far from over, here's a look at some of the team's big-name players, and how you, the fans, really feel about them.

Free agents are far from free

Two of the most talked about names this offseason will be shortstop and former NL MVP Jimmy Rollins and closer Ryan Madson. One's career is nearing the tipping point (Madson), while the other's point is becoming a little dull.

Both have been integral parts of the team in recent years, including the World Series win in 2008, but soon, both players will be free agents. Ruben Amaro Jr. and the front office will have to decide if they're willing to spend the money necessary to keep both players, and judging by your votes, that's exactly what you'd like to see happen.

While 90.1% of voters want to keep Madson, the opinion is a little more divided for Rollins. 56.4% are in favor of keeping him. Let's see if Amaro is as luke-warm about giving into his request for a five-year deal.

Trio down to two?

Another interesting disparity is in the outfield, where two of the spots are occupied by arguably two of the most popular starters, and the other by Raul Ibanez.

Ibanez' inconsistency has caused him to lose favor among fans, and boy did you show it. Just 13.4% of voters want him back for another season.

It's likely that Amaro feels the same way, unless he can get the veteran outfielder at a severely reduced price.

A new fourth ace?

Is Roy Oswalt out as the fourth ace, amigo, musketeer, or whatever they're called now? According to the results, Oswalt should be sent packing, and Vance Worley should step in. In arguably the most surprising result, Worley received the most positive support, with 97.7% wanting him back in the rotation next season. That's higher than Roy Halladay (97.6%), Cole Hamels (96.8%), and Cliff Lee (95.8%).

Below is a look at the full results, and don't forget you can still vote:

  Stay Go Total Votes*
Ryan Howard 60.8% 39.2% 6853
Chase Utley 89.5% 10.5% 6295
Placido Polanco 35.2% 64.8% 6014
Jimmy Rollins 56.4% 43.6% 6366
Raul Ibanez 13.4% 86.6% 5896
Shane Victorino 93.4% 6.6% 5233
Hunter Pence 98.3% 1.7% 5487
Carlos Ruiz 96.3% 3.7% 4648
  Stay Go Total Votes*
Roy Halladay 97.6% 2.4% 3280
Cliff Lee 95.8% 4.2% 3159
Cole Hamels 96.8% 3.2% 3011
Roy Oswalt 28.3% 71.7% 3929
Vance Worley 97.7% 2.3% 2808
Joe Blanton 24.5% 75.5% 3060
  Stay Go Total Votes*
Ryan Madson 90.9% 9.1% 2773
Antonio Bastardo 89.3% 10.7% 2084
Brad Lidge 14.7% 85.3% 2958
Michael Stutes 87.4% 12.6% 2005
Kyle Kendrick 59.2% 40.8% 2279
David Herndon 23.8% 76.2% 2112
Jose Contreras 29.1% 70.9% 2064
  Stay Go Total Votes*
Wilson Valdez 79.9% 20.1% 3478
Brian Schneider 41.4% 58.6% 3905
John Mayberry Jr. 98.1% 1.9% 3933
Ben Francisco 31.2% 68.8% 3414
Ross Gload 17.7% 82.3% 3395
Michael Martinez 61.9% 38.1% 2945
Domonic Brown 55.4% 44.6% 3210
John Bowker 9.0% 91.0% 2687
  Stay Go Total Votes*
Charlie Manuel 72.0% 28.0% 3860
Ruben Amaro Jr. 90.3% 9.7% 3537

*Vote totals as of 10/14/11 at 11 a.m.

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