St. Louis weatherman mad at Cards

+ Well, you knew those Cardinals fans in St. Louis were going to take their World Series loss gracefully.

+ Red Sox fans, obviously, know how to keep it together.

+ Speaking of grace, Blake Griffin used his and then kept using it all night against the Warriors.

+ As a goalie, you don't always have time to react. That didn't stop Henrick Lundqvist from playing defense, though.

+ Halloween has come and gone, but in that brief window, parents didn't hesitate to dress their babies up as NFL coaches, take their pictures, and put them on the internet. This holiday used to be about candy.

+ Thursday Night Football ended with the third game-ending safety in NFL history last night, as anyone who refused to answer the doorbell last night probably knows.

+ The Phillies are thinking of continuing in their "old school" direction after hiring Larry Bowa, and are trying to set up a meeting with the Braves' pitching coach, Roger McDowell, to fill the position vacated by Rich Dubee. McDowell is a former Phillies player, who is famous for many things, one of them being a post game on-field brawl with Gregg Jefferies, and this delightful little story from just two years ago.

+ The Nationals have brought on Matt Williams to be their next manager, a fact that one man in an Eagle costume finds totally awesome.