Sports startle, creep out everyone last night

It was a scary night on Thursday Night Football, as the Buccaneers attempted something they were calling "football" on the same field as a frantically potent Cam Newtown.

Also, there were cannons periodically firing, just to keep everyone on edge.

Who knows what would happen next? Was the Warren Sapp doll going to come to life and terrorize people?! We had no idea, at the time! Though we do know now that that is an impossible concept.

+ Things were a little less "jump scary" and more "creepy scary" in Game 2 of the World Series.

+ The Vikings play the Packers on Sunday Night, and we now know several things: Josh Freeman will not make the start due to a concussion; Rodney Harrison thinks Josh Freeman is faking his concussion; Rodney Harrison is a very dumb man.

+ Fogo de Chao is a Brazilian steakhouse chain that serves a variery of meat to you via servers brandishing swords. It's a magical place. The magic must have gotten to Chiefs linebacker Tamba Hali because he left his servers a $1,000 tip.

+ Marlins president David Samson was feeling bold yesterday when he announced that 2014 would not be a 100-loss season for the Marlins. 

+ Belgian Pigeon Racing! The last pure example of sport left on earth, it embodies the passion and pride of aaaaand it's been penetrated by drug abuse and scandal. Damn.

+ Lions safety Louis Delmas is about to become roommates with the Lions' new receiver, Kevin Ogletree, and has to make all the normal preparations: adjusting the lease, creating a cleaning schedule, getting rid of all the alligators in the apartment, determining where to pick up a recycling bin, etc.

+Aww, check out Yasiel Puig surprising some little leaguers at practice, givng them pointers, inspiring their confidence, and in general showing them how to play the game the wrong way, thereby ruining an entire generatiuon of gentlemen ballplayers. FOR SHAME, SIR.