Sixers invite you to come watch LeBron James and the Heat UPDATE: and the Sixers

It'll be opening night at the Wells Fargo Center on October 30, and you know what that means - this rebuilding project is about to get underway. 

Self-deprecating ZWR torso covers sold here.

The Sixers get things started with the... the Heat. The Heat? Really? That doesn't seem... quite fair. But all right. Gonna have to play them some time, I guess.

So the Sixers start things against LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and all the other good players on the Heat, and it will certainly be a basketball game that the Sixers will play in. Fortunately, they're offering you a discounted ticket through LivingSocial, which is super thoughtful. Plus, a free hat!

Allen Iverson is also officially retiring on the 30th, which he hadn't already I suppose, and that will be something to see as well. So prepare your eye balls for some in-person action as the Sixers take on the defending two-time champion Miami Heat in what could technically be the upset of the century.