Sixers help ensure Kings' fans disappointment

NCAA March Madness put the Wells Fargo Center to good use last night, unlike its permanent residents, who were both out in the world somewhere; a place where the Sixers somehow get even worse.

Last night, the Sixers traveled to Sacramento, where the odds of them snapping their 15-game road loss skid were so high that they are packing the Kings up and moving them out of town not long after the final buzzer.

Jrue Holiday was the NBA stat line of the night with 21 points, 10 rebounds, seven assists, and five steals, and the Philadelphia 76ers were victorious outside of the Wells Fargo Center for the first time in several decades, raising the crumbled spirits of their many fans.


Duel Cinderella stories continued last night, both out of Philadelphia, the best city in Pennsylvania at making you ill.

Despite Temple's loss to Indiana, La Salle kept Philly's college basketball hoop dreams alive, courtesy of future t-shirt catch phrase "The Southwest Philly Floater."

Video courtesy of Mike McCoy.

Tyrone Garland's last second lay-up put the Explorers on top of Ole Miss for good, while in Philly, 15th seed Florida Gulf Coast's epic ride went on as they dunked their way past San Diego State (And featured some sold-out merch of their own) to join La Salle in the Sweet 16.

The only question was, who finished right: Tyrone Garland or FGCU's equipment manager?

Elsewhere, the party is over, as stories did not end quite so happily for fans of teams like Temple, leaving them stunned and powerless in the stands.

The only question was, who wore it best: this Colorado State superfan or this equally upset but far more conventional UNC fan?


The Phillies watched potential infield-deepener Yuniesky Betancourt walk away, his .447 preseason batting average being a prime reason to some for the Phillies to latch onto the 31-year-old. Nevertheless, Betancourt is gone, destined to probably become the next HUGE Yankees acquisition.

The Yankees' punchless offseason continued as they agreed to let Vernon Wells onto their team, willingly. It wasn't that long ago that New York would have only signed a guy like Wells as a joke, waited for him to unpack, then demanded he leave the premesis. 

But, here we are, with $88.2 million - or one New York City apartment -  worth of Yankees on the disabled list before the season even starts. 

The Yankees have more money on the disabled list than the payroll of 14 active MLB rosters.


As if last night's comeback, overtime, stolen Penguins win didn't hurt enough, the Toronto Sun had to reach out and call Sidney Crosby "Gretzky-like," much to the high-pitched squeals of approval from his fan legions.

Also, that was the Penguins' 12th win in a row.

Also, they will probably go to the playoffs and the Flyers won't.

So to ease the pain, here is a web site dedicated solely to pictures of the The Great One-esque One getting bounced off the ice.