Shaq wondering if you could spare a few bucks for a sequel to Shaq Fu

Everything is a sequel or a remake these days! Just check out this story on a sequel to Shaq Fu!

"I guess Hollywood is officially out of ideas," said a smarmy film student to the cute girl next to him who he'd hoped would finally see him and want to hear about his notebook full of cool movie ideas.

Anyway, though, yeah; Shaq has found a company to work with on Shaq Fu: a Legend Reborn. Big Deez productions is apparently made up of ragtag industry rogues who've worked on games like Halo and Street Fighter. And their next project is Shaq Fu's sequel, presuming you pony up and fork over the $450,000 they need to make it.

Shaq Fu was a side scrolling beat-'em-up for Super Nintendo that chronicled the constant danger of inadvertent interdimensional travel in which NBA players routinely find themselves. The storyline had Shaq in Tokyo for a charity basketball game, but upon entering a dojo for some reason, traveling between worlds and having to save a child or something. Despite very clear efforts by the writing team, the plot was not the game's strong point.

The proposed sequel is not to be confused with Shaq Fu: Da Return, which was not a follow-up to the game, but rather a rap album featuring RZA and Redman. And Shaq.

Should trends continue, I'd rather see a "Michael Jordan: Chaos in the Windy City" sequel than a Space Jam sequel.