RGIII sacked, trampled as Eagles scoot into first place

- The Eagles blasted the RGIII yesterday and rode his sacked, weary body into first place.


- A ref last night had a few choice words for Washington's Trent Williams. None were nice.

- And Mike Shanahan had some choice words for Washington receiver Josh Morgan, following their 24-16 loss to the Eagles.

- Tiger Woods attended the Chiefs-Broncos game last night and waited patiently on the sideline until after the game so he and Lindsey Vonn and Peyton Manning could form elite sportsperson Voltron.

- The Broncos mascot reminded us what football is all about last night - a camouflaged horse with self-inflicted brain damage.

- Robinson Cano is prepared to live off his savings until - *gasp* - January if he has to. Boy, no wonder this is the most exciting part of baseball.

- Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson are already blaming their quarrel on the heat of the moment, but I think we can all agree that going crazy at work is sometimes the only way to get your point across.

- In a video simply titled "moron," we see here what happens during a rain delay, when people can be talked into things that seemed foolish when there were players on the field.