Santonio Holmes addresses haters on Twitter, where discussion can be civil

"Twitter: Here, they will understand." (AP Photo/Mark Zaleski)

Twitter is so fun 100% of the time, we forget about those anomalies in which it is a hateful, reactionary, meaningless, nasty place. There are those who exist in this world who go so far as to harass athletes via Twitter, as if revealing they have hideous brain problems by way of crude insults will somehow fix their shallow, purposeless lives.

Some of those creatures attacked Santonio Holmes last night, just because the Jets managed to squeak out a mere third quarter field goal while the Dolphins tail-whacked them stupid, 23-3.

And Holmes, as it is always advised, responded trollfully.

Making repeated use of the phrase "you mad?" to angry fans, Holmes later revealed how this was not the very definition og trolling by explaining, "[I was] Not trolling anyone."

Because of how little he was trolling, Holmes then went back and deleted all of his "you mad?" tweets.