This spring could be the end of Jimmy Rollins' baseball career

Brewers Giants Spring Baseball-21032017-0002
Former Philadelphia Phillies star shortstop Jimmy Rollins has transitioned to playing second base in a tryout this spring with the San Francisco Giants.

Jimmy Rollins is really struggling this spring with the San Francisco Giants.

The former Phillies star shortstop has just three hits in 29 at-bats over 12 games. And even though one of those hits was a home run, his batting average is a measly .103, and his on-base percentage is just .235.

Could the end be near for one of the linchpins of the Phils' era of dominance?

Rollins, 38, is trying as best he can to fend off Father Time. Though he hasn't played since last June, he's in camp with the Giants, trying to make it as a backup infielder.

"I haven't felt out of place. I haven't felt lost. I haven't felt like there was a lapse of time," Rollins recently told the San Jose Mercury-News. "I've felt fresh because I got to save my body for, I guess, four extra months."

Lately, Rollins has transitioned from shortstop to second base. He called the move a "positive" and said he's "doing that pretty well."

"No, it's not pressure," he said. "You start doing that, then you're really starting to go the wrong way."

If Rollins doesn't get things turned around and doesn't make the Giants' roster, then what?

"That question will be answered hopefully in the late future rather than the near future," he said.

Unfortunately, it looks like that hope could be dashed.