ranks NCAA Tournament teams by coolest alum

Actor Bob Saget was chosen to represent Temple in Sports Illustrated's list. (Chris Pizzello/AP)

The NCAA Tournament is almost in full swing and you are probably making your final decisions for your office pools. You've broken down all the matchups, but just can't pick a side. Luckily, provides you with an alternative way to compare the tournament teams: coolest alumus. 

First of all, the three City 6 teams in the tournament are represented by late actor Peter Boyle (La Salle), late musician Jim Croce (Villanova) and actor Bob Saget (Temple). Random thought: Is anybody else surprised Bill Cosby wasn't SI's choice for Temple? Second random thought: Should La Salle and Villanova alums be concerned that their "coolest" alums are deceased?

Interestingly enough, the city of Philadelphia is well represented, including plenty of links to Philly sports. The worst-76ers-center-traded-for-who-had-knee-problems titleholder Jeff Ruland makes the list during a strong challenge from Andrew Bynum. Since we are on the topic of bad trades, Five-for-one Von Hayes, former Phillies outfielder, makes an appearance.

It's not all bad, Philly. Wilt Chamberlain restores Philly sports pride as a graduate of Kansas. As does Rocky Balboa AKA The U's Sylvester Stallone. When's the last time you went to a local sporting event and didn't hear "Eye of the Tiger" anyway?

The full list is definitely worth checking out.