Ryan Braun likely saddened to leave behind power source of Phillies fans' ire

- The Phillies were swept in their opening home series last night, for the first time since 2007. So, congratulations to the 2014 NL East champion Philadelphia Phillies?

Ryne Sandberg was happy to see the Brewers leave town, unlike Ryan Braun.

- Checking in with the Frozen Four, Minnesota broke North Dakota's heart with a buzzer beater, so THANKS MINNESOTA, THERE HAVEN'T BEEN ENOUGH TEARS AT THE WELLS FARGO CENTER THIS YEAR.


- Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda didn't think anyone in this age of hundreds of cameras and social media would notice the weird crap on his hand. Somehow, everyone noticed the weird crap on his hand, which it turns out was just "dirt." ;-|

- The Reds' Billy Hamilton, Fastest Man in Cleats, Tagger-Upper of Pop-Ups, may need to slow down.

- 1. Something happens to athlete. 2. Embed tweet athlete sent out explaining what happened. 3. Include some meaningless background to take up space. 4. Embed a video from a famous TV sitcom or movie that relates to the event, not the athlete. 5. You have blogged!

- Cheesesteaks! Shootings! Find a way to link the two and be the darling of local Philadelphia media!

- gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

- Meet Tacko "Taco" Falls, a 7' 5" high school basketball player who well you can probably guess how effective he is.

- "Well, sir, no reason to check your ID, you're clearly an adult. Enjoy your many beers."