Runners return to Boston

Days after the bombings at the Boston Marathon, runners returned to the scene to finish the disrupted race. The act showed solidarity amidst an outpouring of support from the people of Boston on each other and from other cities, like Chicago, New York and Philadelphia.

Comedians offered some of the more poignant responses to the attack, including Craig Ferguson, Jimmy Kimmel and Conan O’Brien’s opening monologues and Patton Oswalt’s Facebook post (NSFW language).

But the acts that speak the loudest have to be those of Boston itself, where the messages of hope, thoughtful actions (like purchasing domain names before conspiracy theorists), and assurances of support (like that of Patriots receiver Danny Amendola) have been plentiful and strong.


If you Ask the Phillies, which they do between innings on the jumbotron at Citizens Bank Park, they’ll tell you the majority of the team’s favorite comic book hero is Superman.  A few say Batman, some say Wolverine, Jonathan Papelbon says Skeletor, and Charlie Manuel says Ted Williams.

But only one of those characters has a movie coming out that is a reboot of their last reboot in 2006, a film that exists to set up, like, 12 other films.

The full trailer for Man of Steel debuted yesterday, in which we achieve maximum shirtlessness.


The Phillies revolutionized futility last night, with a 0-0 game that went on for so long due to rain delays that they are going to have to continue it today. This means that no; despite poor play and zero offense, they did not technically lose last night - but it does introduce the possibility of them losing twice today.

Laynce Nix assures us that as far ar run-scoring goes, "...there will be times when that happens," which is a neat idea.

But the Phillies' offense vs. the Reds has hardly been visual, and thanks to strong pitching performances, it has turned both games in the series thus far into pitching duels (which may not be your first thought when you hear that Kyle Kendrick and Homer Bailey are squaring off).


Today, we celebrate the birthday of Ned Stark, Alec Trevelyan, and Boromir, son of Denethor II, all of whom share a familiar trait [SPOILER]: They were all portrayed by actor Sean Bean (who is turning 54!), Hollywood's favorite casualty.

To commemorate the occasion, here is an almost four-minute montage, made up entirely of Bean’s characters meeting their end. [WARNING: It's a bit violent]