Roy Halladay celebrates retirement with killing of animal

(AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

- Roy Halladay having a Twitter account means we get a much-deserved window into his life. Last night, we learned that his post-baseball days will include the casual gutting of a living creature. Just like his baseball days.

- NFL free agency was rip roaring across the headlines yesterday, with some deals making more sense than others.

- Some players were forced to play catch-up, the news was flying so quickly.

- Sproles' surprise about his trade was matched only by the ire gained by the Saints from his wife.

- Kobe Bryant thinks that Mike D'antoni is the Lakers' problem. Most Lakers fans are just excited for the Yankees' season to get underway.

- Spirits are certainly up in the Mets' clubhouse.

- Childhood memory-reviving video game franchise RBI Baseball is on the way back. Which will make up for the RBI-less baseball that takes place in Philadelphia this summer.

- USA Today will be among the first to give compliment-starved Rick Reilly a well deserved boost to his ego. The world will have to adjust to being without his fun, quirky, totally original ways. His legacy is mostly this question.

- You know what college sports need more of? Drunkeness.

- Welcome to the image you will see when people question LeBron's "legacy."