Riddick Bowe hopefully going to punch Maple Leafs coach in face

Riddick Bowe is a nonfictional boxer in real life who shares his name with a fictional character who slaughters vicious aliens in space. Bowe is also a fed-up Toronto Maple Leafs fan who has a message for Leafs coach Randy Carlyle should the team lose their next contest.

Unfortunately for Randy Carlyle's undecimated face, Bowe is a former heavyweight champion, his career record is 43-1-0, and the Maple Leafs are scheduled to play none other than the Flyers tomorrow night. Claude Giroux and his company of heroes were white hot (five straight wins, 12 of their last 15) before dropping their last two games (though one of them involved overcoming a late 2-0 deficit).

Flyers blog Broad Street Hockey was innocently informing the public of Bowe's statement via Twitter, when suddenly, Bowe appeared once more.

The man's got a good sense of humor. Which is fortunate. Because he seems like the type who could give you a forever-headache.